Bathing Suit Cover Ups for Anyone, Anywhere

Anyone who is prone to lounge poolside or lay on the beach knows that a good cover up is a must. As much as you want to show off your GBM Sonsie swimsuit, bathing suit cover ups can protect your skin from the sun and keep you warm if it gets chilly. Plus they’re so easy to throw on if you decide to visit some shops along the boardwalk. With tons of bathing suit cover ups available, you won’t be at a loss to find something suitable to wear to the beach, pool, boardwalk, or anywhere else you may end up!

Bathing suit cover ups are versatile lightweight apparel designed for different occasions. Not only are they practical pieces of clothing, they also look equally attractive on both one and two piece bathing suits. 
You can easily slide them on and off and their elasticity makes them super comfortable to wear. So if you are looking for your own bathing suit cover ups then you will need to think about the style you want as well as the areas that you want them to cover. Here’s a short guide on how you can do that. 
The “Getting There” Look
Cover ups can keep you modest while you travel to and from whatever water wonderland you’re visiting. This kind of bathing suit cover up doesn’t need to be particularly cute, but it should be comfy! 
Be the Tourist, Not the Attraction 
A beach cover up is a must-have on vacation! Well, any vacation that involves water, like a cruise or resort. You want to be ready to dive in or soak up the sun at a moment’s notice; running back and forth to change in your room is a huge hassle, but a bikini isn’t appropriate attire while you’re indoors. Thus, a light and modest cover up is a great compromise! 
Wind, Sun, and Drizzle Protection
You can use beach cover ups to protect yourself against the sun, wind, and light rain. You can also wear them while lounging on a on a boat or walking on the beach (or anything else, really). Cover ups that have sleeves are particularly useful, as they can keep you warm even in cool environments. 
Modest Attire 

bathing suit cover ups

Woman relaxing at the beach in Hoi An Vietnam

Although bathing suit cover ups can be used for all sorts for styles, they can also be used to conceal areas that you’re self-conscious about revealing in public. In fact, there are plenty of cover ups designed to be on the more conservative side, featuring long, loose fitting designs to reduce exposure. 
Bold and Open  
Some bathing suit cover ups are designed to show more rather than less. Long, robe-like cover ups can shield your back and bum, but cover essentially nothing unless tied around the waist. If you want to stand out, this is the cover up for you!
 Sheer Style
Transparent pieces are meant to be revealing but give you a sense of coverage and modesty. They pair well with bikinis. Sheer cover ups usually feature light, solid colors as well as a few fun features like tassels. The shorter ones will also allow you to show off your legs without revealing your midsection. 
Take It to the Streets! 
These beach cover ups are designed to completely obscure your swimsuit, so that you can go indoors and outdoors without looking 0ut of place in either settings. These pieces are usually worn at casual shops, beachfront bars and lunch spots. Their most interesting feature, however, is that they resemble shirts and tops with shorts or skirts, so they can be worn as appropriate clothing in most places. 
Fabric Considerations 
When choosing a bathing suit cover up, you will also need to consider its fabric. Start by looking at the color. Lighter shades are useful for creating a clean, fresh look, whereas bold colors like yellow and turquoise can make you look more fashionable. If you want to look slimmer, try darker colors, like black, gray, and navy. 
Next, consider patterns. Different cover ups offer different patterns, including tropical themes, animal prints, floral designs as well as ethnic motifs. So choose one that compliments your style. 
Thirdly, try mixing and matching different types of clothing, and prioritize those that coordinate and contrast with your cover up beautifully. For example, try combining patterns with shades that can harmonize them, or match opposite solid colors to create a stark contrast. 
Finally, choose vacation friendly materials if you plan to use your cover ups frequently. For example, stretchy knits are versatile and travel really well. Moreover, there are also fabrics which are wrinkle resistant. Thin, sheer materials tend to be delicate and require more care and attention to detail.