Be A Smart Traveller and Choose a Travel Buddy with These Qualities  

Be A Smart Traveller and Choose a Travel Buddy with These Qualities  

Traveling becomes lot easier when you have a travel buddy by your side. Everything becomes so interesting and you enjoy every second of your travel. Just kidding! It’s completely possible that traveling with a buddy will hinder your good time instead of adding to it.

Traveling with someone is the easiest way to test the strength of your relationship. It can either lead to long-term, close bonding or potentially end a friendship forever. Both awesome and scary, right?  When you remain together for days or weeks, you learn a lot about your buddy that you don’t get to see in typical hangouts and interactions.

There are some specific qualities to look for in someone you’re thinking about traveling with. As a smart traveller, you should keep these qualities in mind if you’re planning to travel or take a trip with a friend. In the meantime, just hold on before you plan that dream trip with your friend.   

Think about these scenarios. You’ll be staying in the same hostel, Airbnb, hotel, whatever room. You’ll travel side by side on a plane, train, bus, boat, etc. Will they avoid you during your trip and do their own thing the entire time? Will they totally freak out if you miss your flight? Will they lock themselves in the hotel room in the entire trip? Will they vanish when the bill comes?

Travel is all about experiencing different culture and exploring a new place. It should be enjoyable, not a stressful experience! Keep in mind that it’s in your hands to make or mar your trip, whether it’s your trip or you’re accompanying someone else on theirs. So choice is yours. There is no way to know all this beforehand, but nevertheless, as a smart traveller you should try your best to ensure you’ll have a positive experience with your travel buddy by keeping the following criteria in mind. 

You Share Interests  

smart traveller

Not any ol’ friend will go hiking up a cold mountain with you.

Every person has a different mindset, but it’s important to have at least some similar interests and expectations when you’re on a trip. Compromises are possible on some activities and solo time is to be expected, since there are probably sites and activities that neither of you want to miss out on.

Remember, when you’re travelling you have limited time and a set budget, things would get lot easier (and affordable) if you and your buddy are into a lot of the same things!   

You Have Similar Budgets  

Let’s be real; finances play a role in friendship. Money can be a spoilsport, especially when you’re trying to create a spending budget for your trip. Smart travellers are frank and clarify their financial situation beforehand. Discuss how much you can spend, set your limits, and make sure that your travel buddy does the same. This will save you many awkward moments when it’s time to split the bill.   

They Complement Your Adventurous Side  

There’s nothing like a dope adventure buddy. Travel is all about stepping out of your comfort zone and you don’t want to travel with someone who will hold you back. Look for a friend who is open to trying unique foods, attempting to speak the local language, getting lost down endless cobblestone streets, taking a spontaneous detour, and living in the moment. Those kinds of friends make for the ultimate travel companion. Just think of all the crazy stories you’ll be able to look back on! 

smart traveller

A travel buddy is up for adventure and helps out when the going gets tough.

But make sure that you don’t encourage each other to do anything stupid or put yourselves in dangerous situations. It shouldn’t be up to your travel companion to keep you both safe; it’s up to both of you to make good decisions, even if that means missing out on spontaneous fun. 

They Stay Positive During Difficult Times

Good travel buddies have cool minds. They roll with the punches and take setbacks with positivity. As a smart traveller it’s best to avoid choosing friends that love to complain.   

It’s obvious that things can go wrong on the road. Trains can be late, flights can get cancelled, and there can even be disappointing outings. In these circumstances, a positive mindset is important because it can make a crappy situation a lot better. Your travel buddy needs to appreciate nice moments, yet should have stamina to take proverbial punches. They would be able to take things in their stride and enjoy even the moments that didn’t go according to the plan.   

They Should Be Independent During Travel  

We’re not kids, right? We know how to manage our lives? Your travel buddy should be independent and should be able to carry himself or herself on their own if necessary. There should be no need for you to stick with your buddy during the entire trip. As a smart traveller go your own ways and make most of every second of your travel!   

You Can Be At Peace With Each Other

smart traveller

Loyal friends are great travel companions.

Traveling with someone means that you spend days together. You’ll start noticing each other’s differences, which have the potential to be seriously annoying. Instead of sitting with negative feelings and letting them simmer, you need to be frank enough to tell each other when you’re not feeling up to something. Being passive won’t solve things and could result in the ugly breakup. Be honest with each other to make your trip as comfortable and memorable as you can.

They’re Loyal AF

While you can take care of things yourself, you may prefer to travel with a friend who can stand for you like a rock when the need arises. There is no point traveling with someone who will ditch you the second they meet someone fun and interesting while exploring, or any travel issues arise. Be sure you’re traveling with someone who can stand on their own and help out when need be, who is loyal AF and sticks by your side. 

They Should Be Able To Take A Dope Photo  

You want memories of your trip that you can show to your future grandchildren. Being a smart traveller you definitely won’t like to leave Greece without that shot in front of those milky–white hillside homes.

Selfies are just OK, but the best photos come when your travel buddy is proficient in taking photos for all the angles when you ask for a photo (and you better have the same skills!). While there’s no need to turn your trip into a photoshoot, quality photos are great memories and you should make use of your bestie, aka built-in photographer.

smart traveller

Don’t travel with someone glued to their phone.

They Aren’t on Their Phone 24/7  

A smart traveller avoid friends who’re on their phone all the time. It’s better to LEAVE THEM HOME. But not really! Phones are useful for directions, to contact each other if you get separated, and find cool places to visit. That being said, travel is all about enjoying every moment. If your travel buddy is always busy on their phone, checking Instagram or sending Snaps, what’s even the point of traveling? Maybe he or she is so synced with their phone, they become furious when there is no connectivity at the destination. That is not a fun person to be around and can have a horrible effect on your experience.   

A trip with your BFF should make for many special moments. It’s time to bond and share moments at a new place. If you choose the right person, you can easily look back at your trip with fond memories that will continue to have special place in your heart forever.