How to Take Spectacular Instagram Photos 

Instagram is all about visual content that is appealing to the eye. The easiest way to keep people glued to your account is ensuring you have clear, high quality photos. The other social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter use text as the basic medium of communication. Your Instagram feed, on the other hand, needs more and more photos. Instead of taking amateur shots, it is good to learn a few photography tips about how to capture a moment perfectly like a pro.

Below are tips on how to have spectacular Instagram shots. Do not worry; there are no technical terms here. 

Use Your Phone Camera, Not Instagram’s!

Make it a rule to take photos you wish to post using your phone camera before logging into Instagram. Avoid using the camera the app provides, as its photos may not be as good. You could have a great phone camera, but you are using it through Instagram may lead to poor quality.

Rule of Thirds

Now, depending on the kind of smartphone you have, there is a lot you can do to come up with good visuals. Settings such as framing, for example, will ensure you have a subject well placed in the shot. A frame is that rectangular space you see when your camera is on. There is a technique in professional photography called the rule of thirds. 

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You divide the frame into three horizontal and vertical sections and have the object at the center. However, you can play around with the position of the object. It does not have to be at the middle as long as you capture what you want the world to see. Learning to frame a photograph can make a crooked picture look fantastic. The other thing to experiment with is exposure. 

Keep It Consistent

It is always advisable that you have some kind of uniformity on your Instagram feed. Once you know how you want your photos to look like, maintain the consistency. Avoid taking great pictures and mixing them with poorly done photos. It spoils the good work you have put in. 

Angles Are Important

The camera angle is another aspect you can use to take shots like a guru. It is about the positioning of your camera in relation to the object. It can below, above or at eye level with the object. Mix up the angles to have an exciting Instagram photo series. When you want details, have the camera above the object you are capturing. Any photo of a person taken with the camera above or at the ground looks great. However, there is no rule when it comes to angles. As long as the photo looks great, you are good to go. Take as many photos as possible from different angles and pick the best to post on your Instagram feed. 

Lighting Is Everything

Lighting is also a crucial factor. Of course, natural light gives the best photos but remember the timing of your shoot. Early mornings and evenings are great. You can also take photos indoors in a studio, for instance. Just ensure that there is enough light for your object. 

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Great lighting and angles are part of a perfect Instagram feed.

Touch Ups

The last thing you do after taking shots is editing or touching them up. Do not rely on Instagram filters alone. Use external editing apps. There are many photo-editing apps. Simply choose one that best appeals to you. Examples of such apps include Snapseed and VSCO. Again, consistency is important in your editing. Consider factors such as color and tone when editing and have uniformity in your Instagram feed. You can choose to use high contrast or a low one and perhaps involve color as well. What matters is are you satisfied with how your images appear? They should also appeal to those visiting your feed. 

You Are Unique

There are millions of Instagram accounts. All of them have photos. You need to stand out from the huge crowd. It calls for some effort. Watch your framing, camera angles and editing. Be consistent in order to be unique. Create a brand that is comparable to no other online. It is the only way you will remain relevant and stand out from other users. 

With the above pro tips on how to take spectacular shots, your Instagram feed should start having better images. Remember to edit though it may not be necessary in all cases. If the photo looks good without adding or removing an aspect, then go ahead and post it as it is.