Is Making Your Bed Really One Way How to Be Productive? 

If you aren’t a morning person, waking up with a smile on your face is no easy task—especially now that Daylight Savings has some of us waking up before the sun. On a good day, a typical morning includes a well-made breakfast and some extra primping. Maybe even a little time spent watching the morning news. But even the best of us have hit the snooze button once or twice before dragging ourselves out of bed, only to realize we were supposed to be at work 10 minutes ago! 

Making Your Bed Matters

Does that extra time snoozing really help you wake up refreshed? Probably not. Instead, you start your day completely frazzled. Not a great way how to be productive! With that said, if you take the time to make your bed in the morning, your day could start on a much better note. Making your bed creates a more organized look to your room. By doing it first thing in the morning, you’ve already accomplished something! That accomplishment can give you a small feeling of pride and leaves a little more room to concentrate on other activities for the day.

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Making your bed can be as simple as straightening up your sheets.

Clarrisa Silvia, behavioral scientist and founder of Your Happiness Hypothesis Method, says that our emotional state mimics our physical state. Imagine that your clothes were thrown around aimlessly, that you couldn’t tell clean from dirty. That alone can make your life more stressful. Then imagine your furniture is poorly placed, your work desk is a mess, you haven’t vacuumed in a month…. 

In order words, if your environment looks like a mess, you will feel like an emotional mess as well.

Unclutter and Unwind

According to Soulaima Gourani, philanthropist and motivational speaker and the founder of, having an unmade bed puts you in the category of cluttered people. Gourani explained further that by not making your bed, you’ll have a constant feeling that something is wrong and you will not be comfortable when you are going about your day, especially if you’re trying to work. The stress you feel by living in such clutter is totally self-inflicted and not at all necessary. If you spare a few minutes to organize your bedding neatly, that can help you feel less stressed out. You also develop a sense of discipline. It will motivate you to accomplish your set objective for the day. 

According to Psychology Today, a 2015 survey reported that 71% of people who woke up and made their beds daily felt happy and 62% of people who did not make their beds felt unhappy. Additionally, bed makers were content with their jobs, had a regular exercise routine, and were more well rested than those who did not make their beds.

From Silvia’s argument, what motivates us to make our beds each morning is that we want to remain mentally relaxed and having a clean living space helps do that. Granted, there is no scientific proof yet that making your bed is one of the ways on how to be productive, but there is anecdotal evidence that shows it can help! If you start a routine that you can follow every morning, you will be happier and as well be more productive. Making your bed is such a routine. Plus, making your bed daily will develop into a habit that helps make you more disciplined so you are ready to engage yourself in your daily routine.  

Have Happy Habits

More ways how to be productive each day come from setting up your mornings the night before. Plan your outfit and leave it out. Have an easy but filling and nutritious breakfast available. Go to bed at a reasonable hour, so you aren’t tempted to over-sleep.  

There are other morning habits you can try out apart from making your bed. Ariel Kaye, the CEO and founder of Parachute, a brand of home essentials, thinks a typical morning on how to be productive consists of exercise, a well-made breakfast, and a meditation of between 15 to 30 minutes. For late risers, that kind of routine might seem a little intimidating, so making your bed is the easiest way to start.