Laundry Hacks: Add White Distilled Vinegar to Your Cleaning Collection

Club soda, lemon juice, and baking soda are just some of the simple gifts afforded to us by Mother Nature that double up as great cleaning agents and ingenious laundry hacks. Yet another to add to that growing list of everyday day items turned cleaning products is white distilled vinegar which produces brighter colors, whiter whites and revitalizes fabrics. 

It seems far-fetched that all this can be accomplished with mere vinegar, right? Well, it’s not; and here’s scientific proof why:

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pH scale diagram

Acetic acid, a vital component of all vinegar that imbues them with pH-balancing properties, is what makes vinegar soften and brighten your laundry. While there are numerous vinegar varieties to choose from, white distilled vinegar is the one to go for. It strikes the right balance between acidity and effectiveness so that it is potent enough to dissolve chemical, odor, and detergent residues hiding in your clothing or linens.  

How to Use White Vinegar 

In the dispenser meant for fabric softener, add between ¼ cup and 1 cup (at most) of the vinegar in addition to a natural detergent. Then sit back and prepare to be amazed at the end product which is the softest, brightest, cleanest, and whitest laundry like never seen before!  

Without further ado, here’s why this cleansing liquid is a worthy addition to your armory of laundry hacks:  

  1. It keeps colors looking like they’re supposed to look

White distilled vinegar keeps whites white, darks dark, and colors vibrant. Whether your white T-shirts are looking a little yellow, those white jeans have some stains on them, or your sheets are looking a little dingy, white distilled vinegar can get them looking like new.  

What’s maybe even more incredible is that this vinegar can also keep your dark laundry looking dark! It acts as a filter against hair and lint and protects clothing from fading effects of detergent and soap, keeping those blacks and navy blues looking rich. Of course, white distilled vinegar even has similarly positive results with other shades, as it breathes new life into other colors. Amazing!  

  1. Works wonders against mildew

Mildew is extremely unpleasant, to say the least, with towels being particularly susceptible to it as they are often always wet. The result is a musty scent that makes you want to instantly shut your bathroom door the next time you go showering. Well, you can save yourself such troubles by adding to your towel load just half a cup of the vinegar so as to completely do away with mildew and its appalling odor. What’s more, your towels will be as fluffy as the day they first came from the store.   

  1. Gives clothes that pillow-soft texture

Similar to how white distilled vinegar makes bath towels fluffier than ever, so too does it soften up sheets and clothing. After just a cup, even thin cotton pieces become endearingly soft to the touch. And the best part is that vinegar is all-natural unlike most harsh and unforgiving fabric softeners that do the fabric more harm than good. 

laundry hacks

baking soda with white vinegar

  1. Also cleans your washing machine

Washing machines clean our clothes but who cleans the cleaner? White distilled vinegar, that’s who. Naturally, detergents, stains, and dirt accumulate inside the machine thereby diminishing its efficacy. Vinegar affords a means of effectively getting rid of soap scum, chemicals, and mineral deposits which form over time. Simply add 2 cups of the vinegar to hot water during an empty cycle to clean out your machine and get rid of all the build-up. You shouldn’t need to do this cleaning too often; once every few months is fine.  

  1. Effectively gets rid of odors

Like with mildew, white distilled vinegar can be used in a mild manner to get rid of stinky smells wafting around your apartment or clothing. It is a great idea to have a spray bottle variation for your laundry room as well. Grab a shirt with notoriously smelly armpits, spray it with the vinegar and let sit for 10 or so minutes, then wash. The vinegar will eliminate any pit stains whilst also doing away with the bad smell.  

Vinegar works just as effectively on other strong odors, like smoke from a bonfire or cigarettes. Basically, no matter the severity or type of the odor, white distilled vinegar has it under control. 

White distilled vinegar seemingly has endless potential and proves one of the best laundry hacks so it’s advisable keep a bottle or two at the ready! You might even end up discovering another entirely new way to put it good use.