The Best Place to be This Summer is an Inflatable Island

Summer is almost here (like you haven’t been counting the days) and it’s time to start planning some fun summer activities and trips. All it takes are a few swipes through Instagram of someone else’s fun vacation pics to decide where you want to visit. Coastal destinations are almost always a vacation favorite, whether you’re looking to spend time in the mountains or on a sandy beach… and some places have both!

One vacation destination that we recently discovered and that you have almost definitely not considered is Inflatable Island, a floating playground located along the Olongapo beach in Zambales, Philippines.

Yes, it is exactly how the name sounds. Last year, people flooded their social media with photos of the crazy fun floating playground, which is spread across 4,100 square meters, the size of 8 basketball courts!

With tons of slides, human launchers (think The Blob from Heavyweights), monkey bars, trampolines, and more, this place is a maxed-out waterpark playground fit for kids and adults alike. (Kids do need to be at least 3 feet tall and there’s a 1:1 ratio, meaning each kid must be accompanied by an adult.)  

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This is THE place to rediscover your younger self and let your inner child go wild!

Oh, and did we forget to mention its neighboring Unicorn Island? It’s another inflated playground located right off the beach, next to but separate from the actual Inflatable Island, so neither floating island gets too crowded or crazy. There’s more space to have fun and an assortment of slides and activities to enjoy.

For those of you actually planning a trip to the Philippines, you can book tickets to the floating playground through their website. They offer plenty of options, from a 1-hour pass to an entire day. Walk-ins are welcome but cost extra, so if you’re traveling all the way from another country, make sure you book way ahead of time. All of the passes get you an entire day of beach-time, where the park offers cozy beach side lounges, complete with food and drink while you watch the sun go down.

Given the amount of jumping and playing, this floating park sounds like the perfect place to show off your G. Sonsie rash guard. Not only is it a cute suit, but it will protect you from any wear and tear the plastic may have on your body and prevent any uncomfortable wardrobe mishaps. 

Photos from the park have given a lot of people #VacationGoals and intense FOMO for the years to come. For those who want to stick closer to home, there are rumors swirling that other park locations are going to open up in the U.S! So, it’s only a matter of time before they find the right spot and start setting up the park.

In the meantime, you can check out #InflatableIslandPh to see all the crazy photos that people have uploaded. And if you are someone who is actually going to the Philippines this year – you’re in for the time of your life!