Ups and Downs of Living the Digital Nomad Life

In a world where technology keeps improving every day, work environments are changing. Today, you do not have to leave for work every morning. You can work remotely from home or even when on the go traveling. Transactions are conducted online; meetings occur without the need to meet physically, and people form beneficial chat forums from different parts of the world. All these are thanks to digital technology.

Gone are the days when traveling was set aside for holidays and time off or left to professionals who travel for work. Currently you can work while you travel—as long as your work can be done online. For instance, you can be a freelance writer and still have time to enjoy seeing the world, surfing and meeting new people. When you work and travel too, you become what people call a digital nomad. 

What You Gain Being a Digital Nomad 

There are many benefits of being a nomad. For starters, you have the freedom to travel and remain in your chosen career. Another huge benefit is that you get to live your life to the fullest; excuses like “I can’t take time off work” and “I can’t afford it” don’t apply. If you want to travel, it’s very possible. You won’t look back on your life when you’re old and regret not traveling more. 

digital nomad

Explore beautiful places.

Being a nomad makes you completely responsible for your work life—and releases you from office-related stress. You aren’t stuck in an office with someone popping their head in every few minutes to ask you for something. Dealing with difficult colleagues is a thing of the past. 

Traveling is fun and good for the mind. It releases stress and exposes you to new experiences. You get to know yourself much better; what you love or hate, what drives you, your strengths and weaknesses, and the like. In short, your self-awareness goes up. 

But There Are Downsides, Too… 

Despite what lifestyle bloggers might have you believe, combining work and travel is not a complete breeze. You’ll definitely face small obstacles, like slow or non-existent internet connections. Other electronics malfunctions are inevitable. There are bigger problems you may encounter as well. Maintaining relationships with your friends and partner is much more difficult, with different time zones to consider and vast distance between you. Even forming new relationships can also be difficult, depending on how long you stay in one location and how often you leave. 

Being a digital nomad doesn’t mean you’ll get to work less, either. You may find yourself spending 90 percent of your time in front of your laptop. Remember to take care of your eyes, back, and brain.  

Here are factors to consider when you decide to delve into the digital nomad lifestyle. 

1. Start slow

Do not be in a hurry to accomplish things. Avoid being overanxious about your new life. Breathe in and out and make a slow entry. When things peak up, then you can increase your pace. Take caution and make calculated moves. However, you should be ready to be a risk taker in as much as you are careful. 

2. Always plan

When venturing into the nomad business, you should think ahead. Work and spend within your means. Before leaving for a new destination, make a budget of your expenses and add some extra income for emergencies. Avoid extravagant spending. 

digital nomad

Planning with a paper map is a little old school, but whatever works!

Manage your time appropriately. Schedule activities if need be. Deadlines will still be a vocabulary in your world. Work smart and deal with challenges in the best way possible. 

Pack accordingly. This helps your finances and your fun. If you under-pack, you’ll need to purchase necessities, whether it’s clothing, travel necessities, or work supplies. Over-packing may seem safer, but that’s ultimately more stuff that you constantly need to lug around.  

One must-have item we recommend? A GBM Sonsie swimsuit, of course! Traveling to beachy paradises requires a swimsuit (or two…) but even if you’re traveling somewhere cold, don’t discount the likelihood of an indoor pool or hot tub. 

3. Use workspace apps

There are many applications online that help you deal with slow or lack of internet access. Instead of stopping to work for an hour or so, such apps will save you the trouble by providing the stable internet connectivity you need to make money. 

4. Find balance

Life is about balance, that is, making sure that you do everything important that needs to get done. It is about life, work and fun. None of the three should be left unattended. When you work a lot and have less fun, you may burn out. If you have more fun than work, there will be no money in your account. Learn to balance. It comes with time so do not be too hard on yourself as long as you are making progress. 

5. Stay social

Social media is such an excellent way to stay connected with family as well as friends and also meeting new people. As you plan to visit a new town, meet the locals online then go there in person and let them show you the best places to visit. 


Being a successful digital nomad means you need to prepare, and with the internet at your fingertips, there’s no reason why you can’t! Even if the whole preparation and responsibility thing might seem to take away the fun of the whole thing, the only way you’ll have fun and not be totally stressed is by planning. 

Find a balance between work and fun, stay connected with the people around you, and be realistic in your spending and goals.